How to Sign up for Alerts

Many apologies for those who might have already tried to sign up using the form that was on the right. It seems it doesn’t work. Am new to this blogging/webbing business. But here is a way that DOES WORK. Click the comments button at the end of any blog, and you can enter your email to get alerts every time a new blog is posted (you do have to enter a comment I’m afraid, though you can just enter your name; however, you’ll make my day if you do say something).

8 thoughts on “How to Sign up for Alerts

  1. Thanks, Les, it’s great to have your blog. If we can’t be walking in the garden with you, then this is lovely. xxx

  2. Lesley / I was a student of yours at La Trobe back in 78 or 79. I was diagnosed with CLL in 2017 – soon to start treatment … with many mutations …
    Have ordered your new book which I stumbled across in the London Review of Books – a full page of new releases from Duke University Press.

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